Saturday, December 12, 2009



I do mentioned last time about my ride can whether easily reach 600km in one full tank petrol? One of my friend told me he is own the same ride but manage to reach up to 660km in one full tank petrol, required Shell RON 97 fuel! But he also mentioned 50% town & 50% highway. Well, the answer straightly came into my mind, the fella fool me or this is fact !

So to verify the answer is true, that's why i make up my mind to have a demostrate in highway during my way back to my hometown. If i manage to drive up to 600km with RON 95 fuel... acceptable loh! Mean you are right :) Surprisingly my friend Honda City managed drive up to 260km but maintenance full tank petrol. No joke! cause i am the passenger who sit beside him !!

Below photo taken during the way back to my hometown this morning. No conclusion yet. Photo taken prove my car drive almost 120km but only use 10% of the petrol.

Almost 120km driving range from KL to Tapah...

120km only use 10% of petrol ...

Answer could be right. Stay tune for the next update once i back to KL this coming sunday !!

Thursday, December 3, 2009



Although it is last few month's photo but the reason i want to share it is because the photo quite outstanding but definitely have to explain my experience of shooting this photo. Si Ai Bin :)

I went to Canon photomarathon where held in Sunway Elephant walk. Eventually we have three themes to challenge during the marathon event. First & second is "RED" & "SPLASH" which most of you know the contain and find out the creativeness of shooting. But come to third theme is "SHOOTING IN PROGRESS" which are quite complicated or we could misunderstand the contain of "shooting in progress". First thing come into my mind the contain of shooting in progress is like that...

1. We shoot those photographer is in shooting progress.
2. We shoot those outstanding photo (I think also consider part of "My shooting in progress")

I ask those participants but no one could answer my question or they just assume the answer like what i mentioned above. I was sitting somewhere near the children water playground to rethink what is the meaning/contain of "SHOOTING IN PROGRESS".

but ... i suddenly saw something which can cover my 2 questions above...

I saw one of the participant/photographer is in shooting progress

Some of my friends said this is one of the creative stuff i ever made...

I don't believe myself but today i gotta show you guys whether i creative enough to took this photo ! wahahaha...

Here you go ...

hehehe :P

Thanks Canon for the organization. Definitely will join for next event !!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My life suck because of money!!!

My life suck because of money!!!

Question : Do you really sacrifice yourself to make more money? Can we try not to spend so much so that you can work less? My answer is no! cause i got only basic salary which not able to cover my current expenses. Those expenses are compulsory spend into my...

1. Car installment
2. Housing loan (for my new house)
3. 2 Phone Bill (1 is for my personal, and 1 is for company)
4. Rental (existing)
5. Insurance
6. Credit Card (long time didn't use it but still got outstanding debt)
7. Breakfast (try to skip)
8. Lunch
9. Dinner

That's nothing i can skip to save the money for my above expenses, basically if i have to survive this quarter, i need to be more aggressive to grab more sales in order for me to get my commission!! Now i got to explain why My life suck because of money!!!

Recently quite frustrated about my workload, all it's because money!!! I worked at IT company which to supply Lenovo laptop & Desktop to my client (Reseller). My jobscoop is to make sure my client have sufficient stock to sell, no headache issue, market info update, price update and many more!

Due to my highly quota in this quarter, i have to run everywhere to search (hunt) for new reseller who are interested to sell my product. My quota is higher than last quarter with 20% target increased. With "no choice" situation, i got to arrange my time just to look for more client (compare to last quarter with additional 2 clients/day) to buy my Lenovo product, so chances will be more higher. That's why i always stay back in my office until so late cause everytime when reach my office already 7 to 8pm! Will only go back home after prepare some work for tomorrow around 9.30pm!!

After finished shower and dinner already 12am something! plus internet i think sometimes over 2am liked what i did today to write this shit to my blog.

-With less than 6 hours rest & sleep/day, my whole body are so tired!
-Recently feel so sleepy in the morning during driving to my office! Even when i drive to look for my client also feel sleepy!! (sometime will sleep at the car too)
-Few of my fellow colleagues are complaint to me that my face look so tired & moodless. =( Any advise from you guys???
-Set for 4 to 5 alarm also cannot wake me up from my lovely bed~~in the end only my girl friend can wake me up~~ Sometime will late for work.
-Busy until forgot to take my lucnh sometime...
-My leg pain for almost one and the half month already! Never recover ~~

So what is your opinion for me to avoid all these problem? If you ask me not to work so hard then it wouldn't be a different for you to kill yourself. Cause without a comm, i will DIE!!!!! And my "once in a lifetime" big day is on the way. No choice have to die die fight for my quota!!

This month will be very exciting month cause the final result just around the corner. Hopefully i can achieve my quota so that next month can be relax a bit. If quota not achieve, my spirit & motivation will gone!! So let's pray for me my dear friends!!

So do you think your life suck because of money?? You are highly welcome to share here!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wedding photo in Taiwan

Wedding Photo in Taiwan

The lady inside the photo obviously look very impatient for the wedding!!! Haha, just kidding, she went to Taiwan with her several friends last week and took these shots.

Personally i like her photo cause she is amazingly pretty in wedding gown! :) Love it so much :)

Below photo not taken by me, it is from a Taiwan photographer

This photo i love the most !

This one not bad too!

Which one you like the most?

Guys, please prepare yourself for the additional cost for this "rehearsal" of your girl friend or soon-to-be wife cause this is gonna be a common stuff in the future before you go for the actual wedding photo.

Good Luck !!! :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My New house @ Pertama Residency

My New house @ Pertama Residency

Well... this is my new house! Finally... 3 years i have been waiting for... next month i will going to collect the key and CF, got to be slowly slowly clean up my new house and make sure everything is there before move in!

I should public my latest update photo for interior but due to some protection law, i can't show you guys but only the illustrator photo and exterior of the Pertama Residency building! Will update you guys once management is allow us to show in public. Currently i can only show you some exterior of the building and showroom images.

Refer below details :

Special Features:

  • Strategic LOCATION
  • First Class SECURITY
  • Bathroom with JACUZZI
  • 5-star LOUNGE BAR
  • Wi-Fi

  • Pertama Residency Designer Suites is a reflection of your distinctive choice. Its practical floor layout offers maximum space utilization. With advanced Wi-Fi access, a magnificent view of the city and the soothing massage of your private jacuzzi, it is an oasis of supreme comfort; a gateway from the outside world. Come on over and live it up today!

    Photo taken while i passed by...

    Sky Bar is going to open soon in 6 floor where just right beside the swimming pool. Feel free to drop by here to have a drinks and to enjoy the lovely KLCC nightlife view :P

    A big Chinese palace restaurant going to open soon! Last day we went there and saw the "Tang Chao chinese restaurant & Convenient store" also opening soon.

    6 floors car park for residents and visitors...

    In fact, should thanks my friend Amos intro this house 3 years ago, consider lucky cause the value is going increasing... Hehe :D Btw, my lot is in 9 floor and Amos is in 13 floor... "and we still remember if he cook any omelet can straight throw it down to me from the balcony"... what a joke ! Hehehe

    We are planning to organize a grant house-warming in our sky bar once we have move in. But will inform you guys once we have any status update.

    This is our room (Showroom Unit)

    Our living hall (Showroom Unit)

    Our bathroom (Showroom Unit)

    Our Kitchen (Showroom Unit)

    Some map to show in case you guys not sure :-

    Virtual Tour :

    Developer :

    Presented by :

    Stay tune for more updates !

    Friday, October 30, 2009

    Paintball war game @ Tanamera Park

    Paintball war game @ Tanamera Park

    Please be inform our M-Link war game will be start on 7th November 2009 (next Saturday). We need 20 person at least to join the game. Up to date only have 18person. We still need 2 or 4 more person to join if you don't mind to join my colleagues! We are definitely welcome ! Most important, we all "look like tiger but without tooth" so don't worry!!! Please refer below details!

    Date : 7th November 2009 (Saturday)
    Time : 1.30pm (reach there around 2.30pm after lunch)
    Venue : Meet up @ M-Link (Damansara perdana)
    Price/person : RM85 (500 paintballs + Marker + Mask + Air + Field Charges)

    Scenario Fields :

    1. Vietcong Village
    2. Jungle Warfare
    3. Lake Placid
    4. Kill House
    5. Killing Field
    6. Dune Of Sahara
    7. Heart Attack
    8. Afghan Snipers
    9. Civil War Zone
    10. Tournament Speedball Field With 40 Sup Air Bunkers

    Do not hesitate to join us if you have intention to play! Some map to refer...

    The place we want to go !

    The place we want to meet up !!! (M-link System)

    Monday, October 26, 2009

    Lumut Artwork

    Lumut Artwork it's secret artwork

    I been to Lumut, perak few months ago. Just to have some rest & relax trip with my darling alone. Maybe long time didn't travel so go ahead for this lumut trip around weekend to have some rest. Some shot during the trip... We stayed at Swiss garden pantai lumut spa & resort. Photo taken while i boring, nothing to do... A nice resort to recommend if you want cheap ! haha ... by the way, this resort is worth to go (if you planning to go Lumut) !

    A nice art design took inside our hotel room...

    It's afternoon ...

    Guess what i shot ...

    Macro 50mm ... (with Macro filter lar... Hehe) no money to buy the real macro lens :(

    The room we stay quite classic, with those old time furniture, Woah! Really make us got feel !!

    My darling, Beekim

    Me... "don't pretend cool k?"

    Me & My darling...

    That's all, hopefully you like it...

    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    Liverpool v Manchester United

    Liverpool beat Manchester United with 2-0

    The fact we have to accept cause Manchester United crashed by Liverpool yesterday. Vidic sent off after score the first goal by Torres. The bad day happen again to Manchester United. No matter how Manchester United end up with their score, even if its lose or won't going to be first place in this season. I, myself still a Man United's fans forever and ever!

    Gambateh for next match and keep on win all the match and stay to the top. Out there still billion fans pray for you! Hope to see your better performance in the coming match!

    Cheers !!!

    Liverpool v Manchester United
    Report by : ESPN Soccernet

    Javier Mascherano wants Liverpool to follow Argentina's example, insisting the under-pressure Reds must forget about their four successive defeats and concentrate on beating Manchester United on Sunday.

    The midfielder wants Liverpool - in the midst of their worst run for 22 years - to be inspired by Argentina's last-ditch qualification for the 2010 World Cup finals ahead of the Barclays Premier League clash at Anfield.

    Boss Rafael Benitez's management has been openly questioned this week, although Mascherano has made it clear that the fault lies with the players, not the manager.

    And the Argentina captain can see a parallel between his country's dramatic late qualification for South Africa and Liverpool's current crisis.

    He said: "I am relaxed now that Argentina have qualified for the World Cup finals, I can concentrate only on Liverpool.

    "I can think of Liverpool and not Argentina. This is not a good situation at the club, and I want to give Liverpool my best.

    "I am captain of my country, and we were really under pressure in the final two qualifying games; people said we were out, that was very difficult.

    "But we won both those games. We have qualified. Maybe it will be the same for Liverpool now if we start to win, things will start to happen for us like they did for my country.

    "We must not think of the past. We must beat United for ourselves, for our supporters, for the team. We must keep going.''

    Liverpool, who suffered a 1-0 Champions League loss to Lyon in midweek, expect to have Fernando Torres and Glen Johnson back from injury, but captain Steven Gerrard is a serious worry with his groin problem.

    Mascherano added: "We have a very important game now with Manchester United. We must stop thinking and worrying about what happened against Lyon.

    "If we can beat United then the confidence will be back, it is important to do that.

    "We beat them twice last season. We know what we are capable of. Hopefully our form will be like that on Sunday.

    "We have to do the right things and put away our chances.

    "It is a difficult situation, we have lost four in a row. But do not forget that is a team who last season were doing very well, we must keep going and working.

    "We must win the next game, against Manchester United. If you have confidence you can do anything.

    "The team is not playing well, and a lot of players are not in the best form. That is not good and we are losing confidence, but we have to believe that we can overcome this.''

    United have a doubt over Wayne Rooney.

    The striker has been out with a calf injury since England's World Cup qualifier in Ukraine a fortnight ago.

    Manager Sir Alex Ferguson is hopeful the former Everton star will be fit to feature on Merseyside but admits it is far from certain.

    Veteran Ryan Giggs is poised to return after suffering a knock in last week's defeat of Bolton and Patrice Evra has overcome a heel problem.

    Darren Fletcher (groin) is another doubt while Park Ji-Sung (knee) is set for a couple of weeks on the sidelines.

    Michael Owen has already secured a place in the affections of Manchester United fans - now Ferguson wants him to earn a place in the history books.

    Owen will be centre of attention on Sunday as he makes his first return to Liverpool - the club which nurtured him and for whom he scored 158 goals - as a player for their fiercest rivals.

    United's signing of the one-time Anfield hero raised some eyebrows in the summer but the 29-year-old repaid some of Ferguson's faith with a dramatic derby winner against Manchester City last month.

    Now United will be hoping he can repeat the trick in a Premier League game which Liverpool, after four successive defeats in all competitions, can ill afford to lose.

    "That will never be forgotten,'' Ferguson said. "I don't know if it puts him in the history books but it will certainly never be forgotten.

    "He is only just starting with us. He has only been here a few months and I hope the boy is here for a long time.

    "I think he is well capable of doing that. He is showing he is a terrific professional, he lives his life the right way and there are no complications with him.''


    Below videos was added to youtube recently. 4 videos with 4 different themes is available here. These 4 videos are performed at Berjaya Times Square.

    1. P10 Astro Battleground 2009 theme is "Spain"
    2. P5 Astro Battleground 2009 theme is "Water Gun"
    3. P14 Astro Battleground 2009 theme is "Indiana Jones"
    4. P6 Astro Battleground 2009 theme is "Boxer"

    The final is going to begin this coming Saturday 19th December 2009, 6pm live at Ministry of Sound, Euphoria Sunway. You also may watch live at Astro Wah Lai Toi, Channel 311.


    P10 Astro Battleground 2009 - Elecoldxhot - Spain

    P5 Astro Battleground 2009 - Elecoldxhot - Water Gun

    P14 Astro Battleground - Elecoldxhot - Indiana Jones

    P6 Astro Battleground 2009 - Elecoldxhot - Boxer


    Elecoldxhot in semifinal, creativity, funny and entertaining...


    Elecoldxhot in quarter final

    ECX Elecoldxhot

    ECX Elecoldxhot

    Just to share my brother dance team which found in youtube recently, not bad not bad!
    interesting dance move, poping & locking. Outstanding performance...